24 March 2013 @ 03:38 pm
The most amazing photo ever and some squeeing about some fandom things  
Guys, finals are over!  I only had three finals (well, technically, two--the third one was a paper and I had to turn that in on-line).  Two of them that I had to take in class were scheduled for 8 AM and that just annoyed me.  I commute to school by bus so when a final or a class is scheduled at 8 AM I have to catch the early bus, and it takes me a super long time to actually wake up in the morning so I get up earlier than is probably needed because I just like taking time to get ready to leave.

I hung out with my friend last Saturday in order to celebrate St. Patrick's Day a day early, because she worked on St. Patrick's Day.  We watched the Marx Brothers film A Night at the Opera--I've already seen the film before, although she hadn't, and so it was her first time watching it.  Then we watched The Great Escape, because she said she hadn't seen the film in a long time.  We both fangirled over certain actors and just basically were amazed at how many amazing actors were in the film XD (no, really, that's what we did).

On St. Patrick's Day I went out to a local bar near my place and I had an Irish car bomb drink to celebrate.  Then I found out I was basically drinking the drink all wrong because I opted to pour the shot glass of whiskey (was it whiskey?) into the Guinness.  Apparently people actually dump the shot glass into the Guinness.  Oops.  Well, I have plenty more St. Patrick Day's in the future to drink an Irish car bomb the correct way.

Then I found out that Richard Attenborough was in a 1947 film called Brighton Rock.

This is Richard in the film:

I'm just amazed at how young he looks.  He was in his mid-20s when he made the film but OMG so young 0_0 and so handsome.  I really can't wait until I watch the film :D

My friend also told me of this other film called Hell Drivers that has a young David McCallum in it, as well as a young Gordon Jackson :D it was made in the 1950s and luckily I can watched it for free on Amazon Prime.  So that's going on my 'To Watch' list.

Also, speaking of those three actors, today happens to be the anniversary of The Great Escape.  I forgot the exact number.  But it happened on the 24th of March in 1944 (I could be totally wrong about that year).  Today also happens to be Steve McQueen's birthday.  (I tend to hang out too much on the IMDB website -_- that's the only reason why I knew it was McQueen's birthday today.)

Anyway, I gave blood on Tuesday.  It's been a really long time since I gave blood and I wanted to do it again (despite my slight phobia of needles.  IDK why I have a needle phobia.  Strange thing is that I didn't have it the first time I gave blood, or the second time).  It went relatively well, although I'm pretty sure I didn't drink enough water as I was supposed to.  (I never do, although now I'm trying.)  I got a bad case of cold/tingly feeling after donating and had to rest up for a time, but everyone was super nice and were looking after me making sure I was all right.  At least I didn't faint (that happened the first time I gave blood back in high school).

I decided to sign up for fencing at my school's recreational center XD I'm planning on having as much fun as I can for the next quarter of school, seeing how it'll be my last and all.  I'm just hoping fencing isn't canceled--from what I've seen so far, not a lot of people are registered for the class.

I've started playing Portal 2.  I've already played Portal 1 and I just loved it.  It has so much dark humor in it that's just amusing XD particularly with Glados.  And in Portal 2 there's this character called Wheately and he has this cute British accent and he's a robot and I'm just hoping he doesn't turn out to be evil.  The last time I really liked a video game character they a) turned out to be someone entirely different and b) they were evil.  (It was Atlas from Bioshock, in case anyone was wondering.)

So this month in Anaheim there's going to be this convention called Wondercon.  It basically looks like Comic-Con, except it's smaller, from what someone's told me, and the badges aren't sold out yet.  Plus it's in Anaheim, which is practically almost next door to Tustin (the city I live in).  Anyway, it was just announced that Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Sean Maher, Clark Gregg, and a bunch of other stars from the Much Ado About Nothing film will be there on March 31.  So I got all excited and silently squeed and decided to buy a ticket/badge.  It was $10.  So yay!  I'll be in the same room/area as Joss Whedon!  On March 31!  (Hopefully!  I've heard horror stories about Comic-Con about people not getting into panels because so many people line up to watch a panel.  I'm hoping Wondercon is small enough that it isn't hard to get into a room/area to see a panel.)

And yesterday I found out that tickets for Whose Line Is It Anyway were available to get (I would say purchase, but the tickets don't cost any money, so...).  Even though I don't like driving the freeway (I have a slight tiny fear/phobia) going to a taping of WLiiA is too great an opportunity to pass up, so I decided to get a ticket.  Bonus points for it being free :D I just have to show up early enough to get in.  (I have the same fear about the taping as I have about the Wondercon panel that I talked about in the above paragraph--what if there's too many people and I can't get in?  I've never been to a taping of a TV show.  IDK what to expect, really, as far as the whole 'show up early thing' is concerned.  But yay!  I get to see Ryan and Colin live!  Hopefully!)

I also just found out that Ian Anderson may be back in Los Angeles in July.  (Ian Anderson is the lead singer of Jethro Tull, and Jethro Tull is my favorite band.)  I already saw him last year in Long Beach (they played Thick as a Brick) but it was so fantastic that I was kind of thinking of seeing him again.  IDK.  It'll depend on how much the tickets are this time.  But I would like to see him again.  But I'm not dying to.  So we'll see about that.

Also, I've just randomly decided to take a day trip to San Diego for one day this week XD it's spring break and I figured I would do something fun.  I'll be taking the Amtrak, so I'm excited about that.  I've never really traveled by train before in America.  (When I studied abroad in the UK the train was how I got around, aside from the times when the school program set up field trips for us and we took buses to Edinburgh and London.)  It'll also be nice to not drive down to San Diego.  There's not a bunch of things to do in San Diego but it'll give me time to just explore and be on my own for a while.  I mean there's Sea World but I've already been.  I don't feel like going to the zoo.  Or maybe I will.  I'm still planning what to do.

I also found out there's this hotel on the island Coronado, which is near San Diego, where the film Some Like It Hot (starring Marilyn Monrow) was filmed at.  Being a film buff, I find that extremely awesome and interesting, although, considering how I'll be traveling to everywhere in downtown San Diego by foot, IDK how I'd get to Coronado.  Maybe there's a way and I'll just have to find it.  Maybe the bridge happens to have a sidewalk section I can walk on.  Which doesn't exist, because I just read on Wikipedia that there exists no pedestrian walkways on the bridge to Coronado.  I may have to take a ferry to the island.

I still have all these comments to reply to.  I feel horrible about not replying right away and that it takes me weeks to reply.
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Staceygeekslave on March 25th, 2013 04:46 am (UTC)
I hope that fencing class isn't canceled. It sounds really fun.

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