06 October 2012 @ 08:17 am
Looper thoughts  
So I saw Looper last Saturday and I'm getting around to typing up my thoughts now.

And this is my attempt at a more serious and detailed review rather than just saying, 'It was awesome!'

First, the storyline.  The film is set in the future (2044, I believe) where there are people called 'loopers', who have the job of killing anyone sent from the future back to the past.  And the system works well, until there's the problem of 'closing the loop', where a looper must kill their future self (basicaly, they get paid lots of money and get to retire early whilst knowing that in 30 years' time they'll be dead).

I kind of liked the idea that the future in the film had people who had 't.k.' (telekinesis--like Professor X).  The first time it was mentioned you just wrote it off in your mind because you just think, 'Oh, another element that makes the future in the film impressive' but it's used later as a major important plot point for a character, so I liked how it was used in the film.

I also liked the idea of time travel and people coming back from the future into the past.  There was a scene where this one looper failed to close his own loop and his future self was wandering around without a clue of what to do and gradually you see him start to become disfigured--you realize that his past self is basically getting tortured/killed and you see the ramifiications of that in the future person, and so to see that was actually quite interesting.

(I must admit the concept of time travel still makes me think of Back to the Future, but the way the writer for Looper handled it was a very refreshing thing to see and reminded me, on the most part, of Terminator, in regards to time travel, although it was much more complicated in Looper.)

I really liked the atmosphere of the future--it reminded me more of Bladerunner than anything else, with the idea of the future being exactly like our world but with a few perks thrown in there to make sure that people understood it took place in the future.  (Bladerunner was just more extreme.  Looper didn't have so many sci-fi things that made it stand out, apart from the hover bikes.)

I just basically liked how things were used in the film--everything was used for a purpose.  In that one scene with the guy from the future walking around he suddenly sees something written on his arm, which eventually led him to his death.  In another scene with future Joe, he finds something written on his arm, but it's not revealed all the way and so you think that maybe it's the same as what happened to the other guy, but it's not.  But I like the call-back.  There were tons of call-backs in the film and all of them was used to push the plot and the storyline along.

The only thing I had issues with: the second half of the story.  It sort of came out of nowhere and it really slowed down the action part of the plot, but it did focus more on the characters, and near the end we saw Bruce Willis going all Die Hard, so that sort of made up for it.  It's just--it seemed as if the plot was virtually nonexistent when Joe was with the woman and the kid.  (And I read in an interview with the writer/director that the trailers didn't even show the family.  The trailers only showed Bruce Willis and JGL.  So I think the second half of the film came as a surprise to most of the audience.)
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